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The Trevithick artwork project has been in existence since 2005 when Glamorgan GATES was originally tasked with managing the placement of public art along Phase 1 of the route. Phase 2 of the trail was recently completed in 2008 and this marks the end of the project.

During the intervening years over 250 people have actively been involved in the project and taken part in workshops and consultations. However the true number of people engaged is far greater due to the nature of some of the sculpture demonstrations and art displays.

The artwork along the trail has been placed with the intention of engaging users of the trail and offering an alternative form of interpretation of the surrounding area and hopefully enhancing the experience of the trail. In addition, the artwork on the trail has been informed by a range of community consultation methods and in many cases extensive participation by groups and individuals. One example even depicts stone silhouettes of the participants.

Throughout the duration of the project the guiding ethos behind the Trevithick art project has been to positively engage people with the arts and this sentiment is eloquently expressed by Geraint Talfan-Davies:

If places like Wales need an innovative, knowledge based economy, how do we get it without nurturing imagination…and creativity? And what better way than through familiarising people with the challenging imagination of artists?