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Trevithick Trail Landscape

Under phases one and two the trail has benefited from a series of landscaping enhancements of which all were designed in-house by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Councils landscape architect Mr Tom Bramley.

Kings Hill to Dan-y-Deri

The formation of the Trevithick Trail in 2008 was followed by a series of improvements to the landscape quality along the route. Just below the Kings Hill section adjacent to the Trail sits a seating area the location chosen for its spectacular view north and southwards of the Taf Valley Hardwood Seat

The bespoke seat was made specifically by Pawswood in Denbigh North Wales. The seat is made from a range of native hardwoods oak, beech, birch, lime etc, arranged in a radial pattern to display the variety of grains and colours and to represent the sleepers of a tramway; also added were the channels which represent the rails themselves; the steel sub-structure evokes the mechanics of an engine.

To the rear of the seating area is a relief of the valley in bronze attached to a large standing stone. This section of the trail has also been planted with native hedgerows consisting of holly, hazel, hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple and elder so that with time the Trail will resemble more of an enclosed lane at this point and give greater visual separation from the adjacent Cardiff Road.

Dan-y-Deri to Station Terrace

Hardwood Seat Further south the trail takes on a more urban character as it passes through the area of Dan y Deri into Merthyr Vale. Here the new trees that have been planted are oak (above the trail) and ornamental pear alongside the playground / park.

At Station Terrace the rear of the houses a natural stone wall snakes its way for several metres, interspersed with entrances to the rear of the properties and locally designed ceramic plaques that depict interesting facts about the history of the area. South of Station Terrace has been planted with a mixed ornamental hedgerow adjacent to the railway line to add some colour and evergreen qualities.

Darren Las

Hardwood Seat At Darren Las the impressive footpath cycleway bridge lifts the traveller over the railway into a far less urban character area. Here native hedgerows have been planted to give a link between the bridge area and the woodlands beyond.